Procurement Skills

Shoppers are equipped with skill and experience in procurement.

Time is Money

Shoppers are adventurers and explorers who make good use of their time.

Earn a Buck

This side gig also helps you to earn some extra cash for your up-keep.

How it Works

Get Order Notifications

After registering and getting verified as a Shopper, you shall receive grocery order notifications via your dashboard, sms, email and push notifications when orders are made.

Get order and Customer Details

Assess the content of the order; their weight, specifications, customer's location etc.

Call Customer

Call the customer to confirm the order. Verify the items ordered and any extra details about them that has been provided by the customer.

Time to shop

Head straight to Hypacart's partner vendors to shop for the items. Sort them, package them, and contact our delivery partners for pickup.

Get paid

Get paid for your service rendered. Payments can be done on a weekly or monthly schedule.

Choose your preferrred local market
Select a market closer to you and start shopping.