Order Instructions

Shopping on Hypacart’s grocery platform is very easy! Once you enter the website address “edwadie.Hypacart.com” in your web browser just follow the steps below:”

Select your preferred market for shopping i.e. Kejetia Market, Bantama Market, Ayigya Market, Asafo Market.


Use the ‘filter’ button to select the category of groceries you want to shop i.e. Breakfast, Meats and fish, snacks etc.

Search for your preferred products under the grocery categories and click on the ‘Add to Cart’ sign close to your preferred grocery product.

Provide your preferred substitute Flavor/brand/kind/species/volume of your selected product, if need be. Also add any other extra information to the field named “state” and click on the ‘add to cart’.

After adding your items to your cart, move to the bottom right corner of the website page and click on your mini cart which has a bag icon.

On your mini cart you see all the products you want to buy and make sure you double check if that’s all the product you are ordering. You can increase the quantity for each item on the Cart page. If you are not convinced of what is in your cart use the ‘View Cart’ option to edit your cart and in case you are convinced of what you have seen then proceed to filling in your order form by clicking on “Checkout””

  • Fill in your details and then select your preferred delivery date.

  • Choose the service type i.e. “Premium Service” or “Regular Service”

  • Choose your preferred payment method and click on “Place Order”. In case you choose MOMO payment, follow the instructions on the subsequent page to complete payment.

  • Once your order is complete, we would call you for confirmation. Please note that the confirmation call is a mandatory step before we fulfill your order so make sure you provide a correct and accurate information when filling your order forms.

Choose your preferrred local market
Select a market closer to you and start shopping.